On Wednesday, 17th October, Year 6C had the privilege of having two volunteers from the Red Cross visit our classroom to present the incursion “In Search of Safety”. This incursion was focused on the theme of migration where students learnt the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee, and the many trials they encounter. Year 6C were exposed to a series of factors that may cause groups of people to flee from their country in search of safety, including war and persecution. The Red Cross conducted an activity where students were given a scenario that required them to flee their country with a suitcase that could only fit six items. The importance of making this life-changing decision made many students realise how valuable their life is. When Summer Stovold (Year 6C student) was asked how this activity made her feel she explained, “I realised how lucky I am to own things and live in Australia.” The incursion was successful in developing compassion towards those who have faced the challenge of seeking asylum. “They told us the real danger of fleeing a country, but in an educational way,” explained Guy Pertwee. “It was very interesting learning how asylum seekers find their way to different countries.”