Things were really HEATING UP for the year 3’s last Tuesday when the Rockingham Fire Department came to SCBC for a Fire Safety incursion. Their curiosity was IGNITED, as they saw the large fire truck arrive outside their classrooms, and the whole group was ABLAZE with excitement.

Students had an opportunity to learn about fire safety in the home, and how to prevent or stop a fire emergency from happening. The Fireman were very friendly and engaging, and happily answered all the students’ BURNING questions.  Before students could STOP, DROP and ROLL their way out of the classroom, they learnt about the importance of staying low to the ground when making their way out of a burning building, calling 000 when there is an emergency, and the value of having a home fire escape plan. Some students even had the chance to see Mrs Saw dressed-up in a fireman’s suit.

Outside, the year 3’s had an opportunity to inspect a real firetruck with the help of some very experienced firemen, who told them how they respond to different emergencies. Students were able to learn about all the different pieces of equipment on a firetruck, and what each piece is used for. A highlight for many of the students was they chance to use a real fireman’s hose. There were a few HEATED discussions as students tried to work out who would get the first go, and a when the spray from the hose seemed to ‘accidently’ wet their teachers.

The incursion wrapped up with the firetrucks driving off with their lights on and sirens sounding. It was a great day for all the year 3’s and will be long remembered.