It was with great excitement and anticipation that our Year 4-6 students provided jam-packed entertainment on 24th & 25th October, bringing us 2 performances of Aladdin Trouble. With a mammoth cast of 72 students on stage, this pantomime-style take on the Aladdin story delivered everything you’d expect from our extremely talented students: vibrancy, larger-than-life characters, colourful costumes and set designs, and the lamest of jokes rivalled by dads across our College community! There was a great amount of audience participation, with boos and hisses as our villain commanded attention, and cheers and hoorays for the lovely Jasmine and Aladdin, and of course our Genie. We even managed to cast some teachers as extras in the song “Some Things Goes Together Perfectly”. The cast were supported by our Year 4 students who sang with great gusto at each performance. All the students involved are to be congratulated on such a professional show. Mrs Dale is very proud of them all! Now… what show can we do in 2019?!!!