Wow, what an exciting and busy year we have had in 4C! Two fun events we have had this term are Outdoor Classroom Day and our excursion to Fremantle Prison.

On Tuesday, 13th November, our class (along with the Primary school) participated in Outdoor Classroom Day. We spent some time in the nature play area to read and perform poems about bugs! After this we found a spot to sit and we each drew what made us feel at peace. Some people drew places such as the beach, home and other places in nature while others drew activities they found peaceful such as reading or dancing.

The following day was spent exploring Fremantle Prison. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and even got us to act out various aspects of being a prisoner. One of the first things we did was to pose with the bucket prisoners used as a toilet. Our guide told us that it looked very similar to the water bucket which could be confusing for prisoners at night time (yuck)! We also got to use the exercise yard and were shown where the prisoners were told to run. We had fun running this, although we were told it wasn’t fun for the prisoners as they had no control over when or how long to run.

We were then shown one form of punishment which was when prisoners were tied up to the post to be whipped. We did a role play for this where some students were acting as doctors, the prisoners being punished and the audience. Luckily it was all in fun and no one was actually whipped! Our tour guide told us many stories of prisoner’s who escaped or tried to escape. Our favourite story was about a man known as Peg Leg Pete whose failed attempt at trying to escape from the arts and crafts room in the former Fremantle Women’s Prison was fascinating!

We then went to the Esplanade for lunch and a play before heading back to school.

What a fun term!