Our theme this year is ‘knowing and valuing who we are’. Across the course of the year we hope that our students will develop an understanding of this concept with our primary school students. There will be many special opportunities across the year where your child will have opportunities to shine. I trust that you will have the opportunity to enjoy these moments with us.

I would like to extend a special welcome to all our families. As we commence the 2019 academic year there is much to look forward to. I would like to particularly welcome new families who have joined our Primary School years and have finished their first weeks of schooling with us.

We have already participated in Swimming Lessons for our Year 1 to 6 students, voted for House Captains, undertaken initial testing in literacy and numeracy and conducted musical auditions for this year’s Primary Musical. Next week we are looking forward to our Year 3 to 6 House Swimming Carnival. It is an event which encourages maximum involvement, as we look forward to the attendance and involvement of our students at this event.

I believe that it is important for our students to have opportunities to excel academically, on the sporting field and in the arts. We will always strive to encourage our students to develop their abilities in a range of areas, with a focus on excellence, encouragement and involvement.

I look forward to meeting your child and seeing their personal improvement and development across the year ahead.