What an incredible start to the year we have all had in 3A.  The students have easily adjusted to the routine and the structure of the year.  We are settled and ready to enjoy the time together.

We are so lucky to have begun the year with swimming lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed our time at the pools.  What better way to begin the year than in the pool?  The weather was perfect for our lessons as we attended the first session each day with excitement. 

Other than swimming, we have completed many classroom tasks to assist our transition to Year 3.  We are so excited with our new Student Diaries that assist our organisation and routine of each week.  The diaries are set out to assist organisation by students planning their days and weeks.  The diary contributes to learning by recording homework and helps to achieve weekly goals through reflection.  The diary is part of AVID, which is an acronym for Advancement, Via, Individual, Determination.  The students have embraced the introduction of the AVID strategies that they will learn this year, which are part of the acronym WICOR which stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation and Reading. 

There are so many new and exciting things to learn about in Year 3 including our introduction to Accelerated Reader.  Some students in 3A have already finished their first book and are well on their way in their second or third.  Their passion for reading is evident. 

2019 is going to be an incredible year and we cannot wait to experience it, day by day.