Play is something in which humans of all ages from diverse cultures engage, although the purpose for and the type of play may be different across ages and cultures. Relationships between children and with adults are central to learning and teaching through play. Two-way interactions and the exchange of ideas and thinking between children and adults in play contexts influence children’s continued motivation, sustained interest in the experience and what they learn. From Babies through to our Kindy program, our educators enjoy delivering their intentional teaching programs through play. Mess is integral to creation, and as you can see our children have had fun in this space.

‘Creativity seems to express itself through cognitive, affective, and imaginative processes. These come together and support the skills for predicting and arriving at unexpected solutions”.

We’ve had lots of fun playing and painting so far this month. Whilst sometimes as parents and as educators we can turn a painting upside down many times to figure out what it is…. It is something to your child. Children gain deep satisfaction engaging in painting as they use their imagination and think about how to design or create something original that has meaning for them.

It’s been a wonderful start to March, and we look forward to seeing all of our Families and communities at our Harmony Day Picnic on the 21st of March.