SLANT is a technique for students to self-regulate their level of classroom interaction and engagement. It is also a quick and undisruptive way for teachers to provide a quick reminder of the classroom expectations as needed.

SLANT is utilised as a visual, auditory, and ultimately kinaesthetic cue for students to be able to adjust their body language, engage more fully in lessons and prepare them for academic success.

S – Sit.  Correct posture (feet on the floor, straight)

L – Lean. Lean forward and listen

A – Ask. Ask interesting and thoughtful question to help you learn

N – Nod. Nod your head to show interest or agreement, “yes” or “no” when someone is speaking

T – Talk. Talk with your teachers and study buddies. Stay engaged during the lessons, respond to others and share and participate in the lesson.

“Work willingly at whatever you do as thou you were working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23