We have had a wonderful first term back at school. It has been exciting to get to know each other and be a part of our classroom community.

Last week we completed our first Big Write in class. In class the day before we did this, we all went outside to see that there was a door/window that appeared in the long jump pit overnight! We talked about where it came from and why we thought it was there. Some thought a space ship dropped it off where as others thought it was a door leading to a secret land.  We went home and chatted about it with our families. It was interesting to see what our siblings and parents thought it was.

The day arrived for our Big Write and Miss Cook changed what our classroom looked like! It was decorated with ‘fake’ candles and there was one big scented candle burning which smelled like berries. Classical music was playing quietly in the background and the lighting was dimmed. The desks were arranged in large groups and we were given the choice of where to sit. All of this created a special atmosphere for us to write in. We also used special pencils which are just for Big Write. We were given 45 minutes to write and the only sounds that were heard during this time was the gentle tapping of pencils and the soft sounds of classical music. After this we talked about how we felt we went for our first Big Write and below are some comments that were made.

“I liked knowing how much time we have to write. I also finished my story which I normally finish in two or three writing sessions.”
 Harry Andrews

“It was quite easy. Learning how to write in cursive really helped me.”
  Matilda Stevenson

We also recently celebrated Harmony Day. It was great to see how diverse our classroom cultural backgrounds are! We had to vote on the ‘best dressed’ person for the day. It was a difficult choice as everyone put in a lot of effort! Liam Simeon ended up with the most votes and won the prize.

“Harmony Day was fun. We got to see what cultures other people are from and got to respect them.”
Ella Moyle

“We got to know about where other people are from.”
 Sierra Beard

“It was a fun day, but I got a little jealous of Liam’s costume as it looked so good!”
Ryder Williams