Over the course of Term 1, our Year 3C class embraced their wild sides and explored a variety of living things in science. Students learnt about the major classifications of different animals and ‘showed some backbone’ when learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. At first, some students felt like they were just fish out of the water, but they soon got their ducks in a row and were as eager as beavers to learn more.

Like, true zoologists, they investigated different living organisms and grouped them according to their observable features. We certainly had the lion’s share of opportunities to compare similarities and differences, both physical and behavioural, between different creatures.

Towards the end of the term, we could barely hold our horses as we were so excited about our Animal Ark incursion. It was as if we had ants in our pants! Our science classroom was literally a mini zoo for a few hours. Though there was no elephant in the room, we did acquaint ourselves with snakes, frogs, lizards, snails, leaf insects and much more. We had an absolute whale of a time!