At the Primary School Easter Assembly on the last Friday of Term 1 2019, the final House points total for the Term was announced.

The house placings for Term 1 were:

1st – House of David – 32,030 points

2nd – House of Joshua – 28,640 points

3rd – House of Moses – 26,180 points

Individual students with the most points and lucky dips for the second half of Term 2 were:

Joshua – Most Tickets – Katie 6C – 117 tickets; Lucky Dip – Wyatt 1B

David – Most Tickets – Isabel 6C – 49 tickets; Lucky Dip – Eithne 2B

Moses – Most Tickets – Ava 6A – 43 tickets; Lucky Dip Charlise 3B 

Pictured are the David House Captains with the Primary House Term Perpetual Trophy and our show bag winners. All Primary students in Years 1 to 6 received their Pizza reward at lunchtime on Thursday, 2nd of May.