On Friday, 3rd May, the Year 12 ATAR Human Bio class went on an excursion to the Perth Zoo. The day began with us catching the train to the city, followed by Mrs Barnabas treating to us to yummy cups of hot chocolate, milkshakes and frappes from a little cafe. The purpose of our trip was not to just enjoy seeing all the different animals but to learn more about homeostasis, one major area of our studies this semester. We listened to a one hour talk on how different animals living in certain climates have different homeostatic functions within their bodies and how they function in and out of their natural habitats. After listening and getting to pat a blue tongue lizard we all got to go explore and run wild, trying to see as many animals as possible in the time left. The day was full of adventure and excitement. We got lost in the zoo, which lead us to see many different animals. Overall it was a great educational day out with a good bunch of people.