Daniel Rutherford, who is currently a Year 12 student here at South Coast Baptist College, was selected for a prestigious science internship overseas upon his application for the 2019 NatureBridge Alcoa Scholars Program, to be held from 13th to 28th July. Participants hail from all countries of the world. They will be conducting hands-on science projects, having backpacking adventures and exploring environmental issues, while based in the Yosemite and Olympic National Parks in the United States.

This is what Daniel has to say, “This scholarship has presented me with a once in a lifetime experience to connect with a dedicated group of like-minded students to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the environmental issue society is currently facing and what daily action, we can take to reduce our environmental footprint.”

He added, “The school has done an amazing job over the years of training and providing students with these amazing opportunities which I have undertaken. The teachers’ support for students to undertake these experiences, enables students to apply for these opportunities without worrying it will have a negative impact on our normal schooling.”

This will be the second overseas science-based trip for Daniel in two years. Last year, he was part of the Australian team that travelled to Beijing for the International Young Physicists Tournament 2018, having performed outstandingly for our school team in the national selection tournament. We wish Daniel all the very best with another truly rewarding and unique experience ahead.