Our Centre facilitates a FREE playgroup every Friday during school terms for our local community. Parents, caregivers and extended family come together with their babies and young children in a relaxed and friendly environment to learn together through play. At playgroup, our parents and caregivers attend with their children and retain responsibility for supervising the children.

Playgroups benefit children, families and the wider community. Whilst it is true children can play anywhere, playgroup has an added benefit of providing opportunities for playing with other children and practising important social skills. Importantly, playgroup also provides an opportunity where parents and children can play together, which is critical to children’s healthy development.

Our team is very intentional in creating a space where parents and caregivers have the opportunity to spend time with their children and enhance relationships through play.

Unlike most playgroups, this is a FREE service that our Centre offers. It is facilitated by our Assistant Director and her team who each week creates wonderful learning experiences that support positive long term outcomes in communities by promoting the healthy development of children prior to school age. It gives your child an opportunity to experience different play experiences they might not get at home.

Session Guide

09.30 am                             Playgroup Opens and families enjoy the activities and environments that have been created.

10:30 am                             Morning Tea

10:50 am                             Inside Activities Packed Away

11:00 am                             Story Time and Live Music

11:15 am                             Outside Pack Away and Goodbye Time

11:30 am                             Playgroup Closes.

What to bring to playgroup

We ask parents to contribute a piece of fruit for morning tea to share and also their own child’s water bottle. It is also a good idea to bring a spare set of clothing, as some of the activities can involve messy play.

Our playgroup is open to the whole community, and we invite you to come along and enjoy the activities and environments that are created.

We look forward to seeing you all there!