The College provides a service for students to catch our contracted buses to/from school.  To utilise this service, students are required to be registered on our electronic system RollCall.  This system allows parents to track when their child/ren catch the bus and where the bus is located on the interactive map.

Changes Coming Soon

Payments On-Line – commencing Term 4, 2019

RollCall are introducing on-line payments where parents will have the option of paying on-line through your RollCall log-in.  Included in this upgrade, you will be able to see a history of debits/credits. 

We understand there will be families who would like to pay at Reception, which can still be done.  We will allocate the amount to your RollCall account.

Bus Route Changes

Thank you to the families who have put forward their bus route requests last Term.  To accommodate the number of students catching the bus, we will be releasing revised bus routes shortly.  The routes have been carefully reviewed and we are finalising this Term.  We will be in touch with families who are registered to catch the bus via email, and also through the newsletter and website.

We are unable to make any further route changes for this year, however families are welcome to put forward their requests to be considered for next year.  Please see our website to complete the on-line form and for other information regarding the bus service