4-day camp at Forest Edge in Waroona

The Year 9 students have been buzzing on their return back to school from the Year 9 camp during week 3 of the Term 3. The staff and students who attended really enjoyed the opportunity to get away to the countryside and scenic hills of Waroona.

Students were able to experience the personal and team challenges presented to them in activities such as the big flying fox, abseiling, crate climb and the leap of faith. A team activity of interest was the spider’s web where every member of the group needed to be passed through a roped ‘spider web’, it was an absolute privilege to watch the journey of failure to success as they worked together.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

This year’s theme was centred on fostering encouragement and kindness towards one another. I am increasingly aware of how nasty the world can get for our teenagers online and offline. Students wrote ‘warm fuzzies’ to each other and were able to share genuine affirmations of each other which I believe will impact students for years to come. At the end of the week, students opened their envelopes of affirmations and had some guided time of reflection to finish camp. Every year I am blown away by the change in our students from day one of camp to the last day of camp. The college aims to build resilience, relationships and positive emotions in our students on camp as we try to improve the wellbeing of each and every young person. I would like to thank Mr Oates, Mrs Scott, Mr Oeij, Mrs Mullane, Mr Hunt, Mr Tibbits, Mrs Thompson and Mr Campbell along with Matt & Tom from RBC for giving up their time and energy to make camp the success it was.