Passion and resilience are the secrets to success according to Author and renowned Psychologist, Angela Duckworth.  As outlined in her bestselling book ‘Grit’, many people and students attribute success far too much to innate talent, which is out of their control, when in fact perseverance (sustained effort) is a more important factor.  Angela proposes that if people apply effort to their talent, then they will develop the skill.  And if that skill is applied with effort over a period of time, success and achievement will follow.  It is evident that effort counts twice to success, which is why it is so important.  

If resilience (sustained effort) is key to success, then it is important to develop this within our students.  As parents and teachers, part of our role is to assist students to recognise and take up the daily opportunities that are presented daily to them.  If approached in the right manner, areas that our students naturally struggle with can become key to their future success, if used to develop their resilience. 

The recent Year 9 Camp and Year 11 & 12 Outdoor Education Camp included activities like hiking and kayaking in the rain, mud fights in icy cold water, sleeping in tents, abseiling, 17-hour bus rides and 4-6 days away from the comforts of home.  It is important that we don’t seek to remove every obstacle and difficulty from our student’s lives, as it is working through challenges that students have the opportunity to grow. 

Tim Oates
Head of Secondary