Year 2A welcomes you to a new and exciting second semester at South Coast Baptist College! We have taken some time to reflect on our achievements and learning so far. The first semester was full of many wonderful learning experiences where we created many memories along the way. In 2A we are consistently providing opportunities for the children to learn as they play. Through our inquiry-based projects, the students learn through hands-on experiences. They actively explore materials and objects; ask questions, discover answers and build relationships.

Throughout term 2 we completed a learning journey about bees and their important role in pollination, food, farming and agriculture. The students looked at the relationship between bees and plants. They explored and researched the role of bees as pollinators and our dependence on bees for food production. The students were able to identify and locate bee-friendly plants within our school campus and were able to find out; using various research methods how to create a bee-friendly garden and habitat. In the conclusion of our term project, the students came to an agreement that our food production and agriculture rely on bees and that many people in the community are not aware of the importance of bees. They brainstormed ‘how can we encourage others in the community to support bees?’ and ‘How will we know if it worked?’ Some of their ideas were to create bee hotels in local parks, plant a diverse range of pollinating plants, avoid pesticides and support local beekeepers.

This term we are looking forward to visiting Perth City Farm where we will be able to see many of these ideas in practice within a city environment.
As a successful term 2 projects have now closed, a new and exciting project commences. This term we look forward to researching toys. Some of our ‘Big Questions’ are ‘how has the way we play change?’ ‘how have changes in technology shaped our daily lives?’ and ‘what toys use a push, pull motion and how can we recreate these using everyday recycled materials?’.
Our inquiry-based projects allow the students to develop skills such as creativity, innovation, teamwork, focus, resilience, expressiveness, empathy, concentration and executive function. We are always busy in 2A and it is exciting to pursue the type of learning that engages the whole child.

Psalm 107:1 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”