We have had a fabulous start to Term 3! Our garden is growing well and producing some tasty vegetables and gorgeous flowers! We made a new sign to remind others to look at our garden and respectfully not touch it.

At the end of the last term, we had a fabulous Warm Winter’s Day celebration. We had enjoyed cooking soup earlier in the week, then baked bananas with a special one delivered to Mr Mitchel, although he was busy in a meeting. We hope he enjoyed it! This term students have continued to be very interested in places where it is so super cold that they have ice and snow. Some of our stories included the northern lights – which has to lead us on an enquiry about the northern lights with some beautiful artwork emerging. Our inquiry is just starting to lead into the animals that live in cold places and some students having a particular interest in wings or fins to fly or swim.

Kindy 3 and the Kindy class from SCBC Childcare joined together for a special incursion from Constable Care. Children were reminded about the safe ways to travel to school through this entertaining, hilarious and informative presentation.

We have also re-designed a small garden outside our classroom with many students in kindy 3 so keen to participate and work really hard to create a new car zone. Students are learning so much in their days at SCBC; being responsible, speaking respectfully to others, how to take turns and how to care for our beautiful environment too! We are so looking forward to more time together as students thrive in our kindy class.