Books, Books and More Books!

Year 6A has been doing an author study on Mark Greenwood and his works of historical fiction. We have completed work on The Greatest Liar on Earth, Simpson and his Donkey, Jandamarra, Ned Kelly and the Green Sash and Moondyne Joe just to name a few. We are also looking forward to a visit from Mark Greenwood himself soon where he will do a writer’s workshop with all year 6 classes.

“I have enjoyed reading Moondyne Joe because I was familiar with the story from before, got to learn more about it and thought the part where he escaped prison with no clothes was funny.” – Janaya Burch.

“I have enjoyed Ned Kelly because of the adventurous storytelling. I liked the part where he rescued a little boy from drowning and was rewarded.” – Jackson LeScelle

“I liked Moondyne Joe the best because it was adventurous and drew me into the story. The part where he escaped while he was mining and left his clothes behind as a decoy was really interesting.” – Justin Plozza

We have also just had book week and enjoyed dressing up as some of our favourite book characters. Mrs Cooper, Mrs Marwood and Year 6A students.