Studio & Indoor Nature Inspired area in the Childcare Centre

We’ve had a very busy month at the Childcare Centre with the finalization of our Studio and our Indoor Nature Inspired area. Our educators have been working hard to create our Spaces and are ecstatic by how loved they are by our children. We have prepared an environment rich in materials and possibilities, providing lots of opportunities to observe and listen to the children to know how to proceed with their work. Educators use the understanding they gain thereby, to act as a learning resource for them. They ask questions and thus discover the children’s ideas, hypotheses, and theories. A simple provocation using natural materials to make faces, saw the learning extend to self-portraits, studying their own faces and drawing their educators. It is important to see learning not as a linear process but as a spiral progression as our educators consider themselves to be partners in this process of learning. We cannot wait to see what more comes from these spaces.

The Open day was a wonderful day where our families and the local community came to enjoy our College facilities. It is truly is a blessing to showcase what our College provides and for our families to enjoy the time with their children. With face painting, animal farms, happy feet presentations and jumpy castles, music performances and rock climbing to name a few of the activities, the day was enjoyed by all.

We are also sad but excited to say farewell to our Staffing Coordinator Catherine Reilly who is ready to embark on her journey into Motherhood. Catherine has been an integral part of our Leadership team and we wish herself and her family all the best for the next 12 months as she beings her Maternity Leave Break.

With the spring weather setting in, we look forward to the sunshine, and beautiful days ahead we’re lots of learning, play and wonder can take place.