Jari set for a career in Event Management

SCBC Year 11 student, Jariretundu Ndjavera is set for a career in Event Management.  As part of her Year 11 subject selections, Jari chose to enrol in a Certificate III in Event Management – a one-year course offered by South Metropolitan TAFE which she attends every Thursday.   Jari recently had the opportunity to undertake real event preparation and coordination of the 2019 65 Roses Wrapping Day experience – a collaboration between South Metropolitan TAFE and Cystic Fibrosis WA.   The event was hugely successful, and the 65 Roses Day raised over $14,000, with event staff serving over 1,200 customers face-to-face.   The event gave students the opportunity to develop their soft skills along with their industry skills.   Jari plans to undertake Workplace Learning in 2020 to consolidate the learning that has taken place through her VET course this year.