This year we have transformed the Room C5 (the previous Art Room) into an Atelier space for the Year 1 and 2 classes. This space is a creative studio, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to encourage student-led research, invention and collaboration. Year 1’s have been on a learning journey exploring living things.

They recently showcased the minibeast garden that they collaboratively designed and created at the College Open Day. This project was driven by the student’s curiosity about minibeasts and passion for constructing habitats for them to live in. They engaged in book research and went on nature walks around the school to observe features of their habitats and identify what they need to survive. The students examined minibeasts up close and created observational artworks using a range of mediums to illustrate their observations of their external features.

Year 2’s presented a toy workshop displaying the toys they designed and constructed using recyclable materials. Through their design process, they researched how play has changed over time and where their favourite toys originated. They investigated the impact of technology on the way we play today and experimented how to push and pull forces move a toy. Using materials collected from REMIDA and home, the students explored the properties of different materials to create their toys.  

Through these projects, the children have discovered and explored their curiosities and inquiries, tested ideas, investigated and problem solved collaboratively. Our Atelier Space has become a place of innovation, construction and creation where the children create connections across learning areas and between their ‘school’ learning and the world.