What a wonderful year Pre-Primary One has had! We have made such meaningful friendships that will carry into Year One.

This year our inquiry learning has led us to look after this beautiful world that God has given us. We started by brainstorming how we can look after our special school. We added a recycling bin to the class so we can make new things out of the old. What were we going to do with all those left-over food scraps? In small groups, we researched all about composting and worm farms. We decided that composting would be a great idea and it would help our plants to grow.  All the Pre-Primary classes went off on an adventure to Baldivis Children’s Forest where we learned how the Aboriginal people look after their homes.  Our wonderings continued and led us into Australian endangered animals. There are a lot of reasons why our stunning animals are getting hurt, one of the reasons being that they have lost their homes. We put on our designing hats to create some incredible homes for Tasmanian Devils, Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos, Pygmy Possums and Tiger Quolls. We then made habitats for our animals. Later we will discuss how we made our habitats and how our animals will live in them. We are so thankful for this lovely Earth God has given us.