This week, our Secondary Gifted and Talented students launched their ‘Waste Warrior’ initiative in the Primary School. The aim of this competition is to reduce the amount of non-organic rubbish we contribute to landfill as a College community.

The GATE students are excited to encourage parents and children in Years 3-6 to think about ways to reduce the amount of waste being packed in lunchboxes. They would love it if this could be an opportunity for younger students to become involved in packing their own lunches (it’s not all on the adults!) and to think about ways we can all reduce our environmental impact.

SCBC’s very own ‘Waste Warrior’ has started making surprise visits to Years 3-6 classes and, together with his helpers, is rewarding students with a number of stars, according to the degree to which they have minimised waste in their lunchboxes.

At the end of the competition, students with the highest score will win great prizes, including:

  • A bento lunch box, wax wraps and a steel bottle for the overall winner;
  • Free pizza lunch for the top 3 participants; and
  • Novelty prizes for everyone who participates.

For great ideas on how to pack waste free lunches, please visit our student-created website: note: whilst students are excited about this initiative, we are mindful of not placing extra pressure on parents and guardians, so participation is voluntary. Please discuss with your child whether you would like to support them to participate.