The College provides a service for students to catch our contracted buses to/from school.  To utilise this service, students are required to be registered on our electronic system RollCall.  This system allows parents to track when their child/ren catch the bus and where the bus is located on the interactive map.

All information regarding our buses are available on our website: https://www.scbc.wa.edu.au/portal/college-bus-information-2/

New to RollCall

All students catching the bus will need to be registered and their bus stops allocated prior to catching the bus.

If you need to register for RollCall, please send an email to busservice@scbc.wa.edu.au with your name and your student/s name/s.  We will set up your initial account and send you a welcome email.

2020 Bus Stop Allocation & Days

2020 bus stop registration will open on Monday, 16th December 2019.  Log into RollCall from the 16th December to allocate your bus stop and register the day/s your student/s will catch the bus.

Payments On-Line

We introduced online payments where parents pay through their RollCall log-in.  Paying online is our preferred method, as the payment is allocated immediately to your account.

Payment Alerts

You will receive alerts from RollCall when your student’s balance is $20 or under.  Alerts will continue on a seven-day rotation to assist you with managing your account.  We ask that if your account goes into the negative, that you promptly rectify this through the on-line payments within RollCall.

Bus Route Changes

Thank you to the families who have put forward their bus route requests for 2020, these will be considered and any amendments made through RollCall.

We are unable to make any further route changes, however, families are welcome to put forward their requests to be considered for 2021.  Please see our website to complete the online form: https://www.scbc.wa.edu.au/portal/college-bus-information-2/