This artwork is of my wonderful mum. She is my absolute universe and influences so many things that appear in my life. She is intertwined within the universe because in my eyes she is the universe herself. This artwork was created to show how greatly I look up to my mum. Using bright, happy colours I created a meaningful and positive piece. The many colours represent the many ways in which my mum impacts the life I live. I am forever grateful for living in the same universe as this woman I proudly call my mum. 

Jaydee Le Scelle – Year 12 General

Acrylic on Canvas


This artwork was made by creating multiple layers, firstly a background of acrylic paint then tracing my image onto the canvas followed by more layers of acrylic, with the final layer being a coat of polymer. This artwork represents the different layers to a person, whether it be cultural, religious, or social.  We are defined by their public beliefs or cultural background or other factors they can’t control, and I wanted to represent that through this artwork.

Brianna Obee – Year 12 General

Polymer Transfer and Acrylic on Canvas