Recently our Year Seven’s enjoyed their camp at Camp Kerem in Bullsbrook. They participated in many team-building activities such as High Ropes, Archery, Capture the Flag, Team Games, Rock-climbing and even spending a day at Outback Splash. The weather did not dampen their spirits. Here are some reflections of what they thought.

What I really loved about camp is the way that you were not always in your form class and you got to meet new people and make heaps of new friends. The Camp was an opportunity to do what you wouldn’t normally do in school and to just have a great time doing all kinds of fun activities and team-building exercises. The camp was great and very enjoyable.  (Ollie Skinner)

Year Seven camp was awesome! The high Ropes was my favourite part. Although there were constant thunderstorms, it gave us more time to bond with other Year Sevens. The food was great. My favourite dish was the toast for breakfast. Don’t ask me why I just enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for a great Year Seven camp.  (Indiana Nosworthy)

The Camp was a very exciting experience for my friends and I. We all got past our fears, which helped create new friends and more memories. The overall camp was a very fun time for me and I learnt so many things.

Thank you, Mr Winkler, for this experience. (Alex McMullan)

I really liked the camp. Everything there was so fun and enjoyable. I want to go there again because I loved being there.

I did enjoy most of the activities but high ropes, archery, team games, pool and water splash was my favourites out of all of them. I made new friends there and got to do things I had never done before. Also, the food very delicious, every meal was good. When we watched the movie, it was so cool. I really enjoyed the camp and loved every single part of it. It was great to experience many things. I had so much fun. I want to go there again sometime maybe when I’m older.  (Duka Gantulga)

A couple of things I liked about camp were

1.            the nighttime game we played on the first night of camp

2.            the waterslides at the Outback splash

3.            the team games we played 

4.            watching Captain Marvel

5.            Mr Hywood’s singing voice

6.            swimming in the pool

(Alyssa Flunder)

In camp, I really enjoyed the rock climbing and I also really liked going to Outback Splash. My

favourite ride was the wall. I also really liked the food there.  (Cheyann Miller)

Year 7 camp was fun because I got to talk with my friends and do amazing activities. Such as doing little challenges like which team can get the most water in the totem pole and the best part of it was OUT BACKSPLASH. I got to go on all the slides.  (Cole Christy)

On camp probably my favourite thing was going on all the waterslides at Outback Splash, they were fast, exciting and really thrilling to ride. Thank you for organising the camp this year. You made it a good one.   (Ryan Dollery)

What I loved about camp was the waterslides at Outback Splash and all the little fun games, mazes and mini-golf. Also, I loved the food so I want to thank the chefs for making it. The beds were very comfy so I had a good sleep with all my friends.  (Sam Langford)