Dear College Families,

RE: 2020 Before & After School Bus Services

The College provides a service for students to catch our contracted buses to/from school.  To utilise this service, students are required to be registered on our electronic system RollCall.  This system allows parents to track when their child/ren catch the bus and where the bus is located on the interactive map.

All information regarding our buses are available on our website:

2020 Bus Registration

If your student will be catching the bus in 2020, we require them to register to catch the bus.  Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Parent/Guardian’s Name
  • Each Student’s Full Name
  • Payment Option – Annual/Term/PAYG

Annual is payable when the amount is added to your RollCall account

The term is payable when the amount is added to your RollCall account

PAYG is students are charged per ride and payment for these is through RollCall

We will ensure these details are updated as soon as possible and prior to invoicing the Annual and Term Passes.

Please ensure this email is sent to the above email as soon as possible.

If you used RollCall in 2019, you can then proceed to the below.

If you are new to RollCall, you will receive a welcome email from RollCall to advise your account is now available.

2020 Bus Stop Allocation & Days

2020 bus stop registration is available through RollCall. 

Due to the current worldwide situation, we ask that you refer to our website for the bus stops available for the remainder of Term 1.

Log into RollCall to allocate your bus stop (based on the available stops) and register the day/s your student/s will catch the bus.

It is imperative that you select the correct days on the AM/PM routes.  Based on the information provided, we will ensure the correct size bus arrives to transport all students registered.

Payments On-Line

We introduced on-line payments where parents pay through their RollCall log-in.  Paying on-line ensures your payment is allocated immediately to your account.

If you have selected Annual and Term, we will add the amount through RollCall. For students who pay casually, you are able to top up your account through RollCall.

Payment Alerts

You will receive alerts from RollCall when your student’s balance is $20 or under.  Alerts will continue on a seven day rotation to assist you with managing your account.  We ask that if your account goes into the negative, that you promptly rectify this through the on-line payments within RollCall.

All outstanding amounts must be paid immediately through RollCall.  Any outstanding balances on RollCall that remain for a period of time will incur an additional fee of $15 from our Accounts Department.

Student Cards

All students have been issued with a Student Card.  These cards are used throughout the College – Canteen, College Bus, Library and externally on the Transperth Bus.  The Student Card has several chips embedded within. The funds loaded for the Canteen cannot be used for Transperth, etc.  Students who borrow library books can now have their Student Card scanned to borrow and return books.

Temporary Student Cards will be issued to students whilst they wait for their Student Card to arrive.  However these are not chipped, so you will be only able to use them on our contracted bus route to help identify who is catching the bus.

To obtain a replacement Student Card, please attend Reception to pay $5.  The staff in reception will immediately order you a Student Card and provide you with a Temporary Student Card.

Responsibility of Students catching the bus

The student must be allocated to the days for catching the bus service, including the AM & PM routes. All students must be at the designated stop and also indicate to the bus to stop by flagging the bus.   Students must not run or walk in front of the bus. When the student embarks the bus, they must tap their Student Card against the machine.  They must tap off using their Student Card when they disembark.   All bags and luggage must be stowed under the seat in front of them, or in the luggage racks above. Bags cannot be left in the aisles as this is a health and safety hazard.

Food (including chewing gum) and drinks are not to be consumed on the bus and must remain in their school bag.  Water is permitted.

School uniforms are to be worn at all times and uniform standards apply for all students.  Students must remain seated at all times during transit, wear seatbelts and keep all limbs inside the bus.  Students must behave in a courteous manner and talk quietly amongst themselves to prevent distracting the driver.

The use of iPods, mobile phones, etc, is permitted, as long as no sound is echoed through the bus.  The use of headphones is required.

Students using the bus service are bound by the College’s Policies.

For Families

Through RollCall you will be able to:

  • Register your student/s to catch the bus.
  • Amend the days/times catching the bus – It’s important you only select the needs of the student on the days required.
  • Make payments for the use of the bus.
  • See the transaction history for each student.
  • See the bus live through RollCall once your student taps on to the bus.  You can then see which stop they tap off on.

Communication Updates

All communications regarding the Contracted Bus Service is through our College Newsletter and on our website.  The main portal is our website.  When advancements are made to RollCall, we will advise parents using these methods of communication.

If a bus breaks down, etc, we will contact families directly through RollCall.  These messages will be sent in bulk, so if your student is not on the bus please disregard the message.

Bus Route Changes

We are unable to make any route change for 2020.  However, families are welcome to put forward their requests to be considered for 2021.  Please see our website to complete the on-line form:


On our website, we have PDF and video tutorials to assist families with RollCall. Click on the link below and scroll down the page:


If I registered my student/s in 2019, do I need to do this again?

Yes, we require you to send an email to advising us of:

  • Parent/Guardian’s Name
  • Each Student’s Full Name
  • Payment Option – Annual/Term/PAYG

If I allocated a bus stop in 2019, do I need to do this again?

Yes, all bus stop links to students have been removed to adjust to the revised routes.

Can I allocate the bus stops now for 2020?

Yes.  All bus stop allocations are open.

I had a credit on my account in 2019, what happens to this?

Your credit will rollover to the new tuition year.

I had a debt on my account, what happens now?

Debts must be paid immediately.  If a debit remains, you will be invoiced a $15 Administration Fee for the College following up the debt.

Does my student need a Student Card?

Yes, most students from Year 1 to Year 12 have been issued with a Student Card.  All Year 1 students and new students to the College will receive a Student Card at no cost.  These have been ordered and we will contact students as soon as they arrive.

What if my student has misplaced/lost their Student Card?

All students must have a Student Card to tap on/off the bus.  Replacement costs are $5 and can be paid through Reception.  We will issue the student with a temporary card until the replacement Student Card arrives (approximately 7 working days from payment).

What happens if my student is unregistered?

If your student/s is/are not registered to catch the bus, they will be charged 15% on top of the individual ride fee.  We encourage you to register your student/s for the bus and allocate the correct days/times to assist us with ensuring there are sufficient seats available.

What if my student will not be catching any further?

If your student/s will not be catching the bus in 2020, please email us with the student’s full name/s and we will amend your record accordingly.

My student is new to the College and I can’t access RollCall?

New students have been added to our system.  Please ensure you send the registration email to and we will attend to your new registration.

If you have any further queries, please email with your query and we will attend to your email.