On Wednesday, 25th March, we celebrated Harmony day. A day that celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Originally, we would have been together as usual on the Primary Basketball Court celebrating Harmony Day by singing the song “Everyone belongs”.

Due to the current health warnings in place, we had to cancel the event. But music is such a powerful medium to bring people together figuratively speaking. So all students stayed with their own classroom and from a distance, we united to show our unity as a Primary School. We rose above the dire circumstances we are living in and joined our voices to strengthen our bond.

We were told not to socialise.

We were told to not get too close to others.

But they said nothing about singing together in our own separate spaces to lift the spirits of our community.

We got together (figuratively speaking) and showed that we are strong as a school community and we will stand together and support each other through this crisis.

COVID-19 might have separated us physically but through music, we stand united.

It looks like everyone had a fun day!