2020 would have to be the most unusual year in my 26 years of Education. COVID-19 has not only impacted our school but the wider global community. This is definitely the greatest challenge that we have all faced.

 At this time I would like to express my thanks to our community. Thank you to our teachers. Thank you to our parents and guardians. Thank you to our support staff and thank you to our students. Your adaptability, flexibility and positivity during these unprecedented circumstances have been exemplary. 

Throughout this difficult period, we’ve witnessed the South Coast community pull together to overcome challenges. I could not be prouder of the teamwork and support of our Primary School community. Parents have offered support to staff, who in turn have extended their work with your children, beyond the boundaries of our physical location.

We have commenced online learning for 60% of students who are self-isolating. Those students with us at School will also be switching to on-line Learning next week at school also. This should mean we are equally covering the last two weeks of curriculum for this term, irrespective of the location of our students.

 Classroom and specialist teachers have been able to actively engage with those students who cannot be with us at this time. Meetings with staff have also moved on-line with seamless ease as we all consider each other’s needs at this time. 

We will face this challenge together and we will overcome it. Life will change and some things won’t be the same. We certainly won’t take life’s simple pleasures for granted but rather celebrate those activities and events we always took for granted. Stay safe everyone! 

Psalm 94v19 ‘When anxiety was great within me, your consolation bought me joy’

Anthony Moses

Head of Primary