“The best classroom and the richest cupboards is roofed only by the sky.” Margaret McMillan

As winter sets in, we’ve experienced all types of weather, and our children and educators love it! The Educators and their children have been busy taking nature walks, planting crops, test tasting different vegetables and engaging in learning experiences that are connected to nature, while also being connected to the Early Learning Years Framework.

We have the unique opportunity to explore safely outside of our childcare boundaries and into the College grounds where the outdoor learning environment offers a unique opportunity for educators to encourage the stretching process in children and help them realise their full potential. From playing in the nature play area to unlocking natural learning environments. They allow inspiration and creativity to take root, for curiosity and spontaneity to be realised and importantly, for risk and failures to be viewed as positive learning experiences.

It is not just limited to the older children; our babies love going on an adventure!! Hands-on experiences and open-ended communication fosters rich, meaningful learning that allows for more complex and self-directed lines of inquiry, observation, and awareness. It also generates a greater sense of peer cooperation. We notice that if one child has found a “treasure” the whole community is interested in seeing it, then sparks a conversation and thoughts and ideas exchange. It is fulfilling to see their natural curiosity about how the world works unfold.

Our Vacation Care program is ready to go and enrolments are now open. This program is proving to be popular and limited spaces are available. We would encourage all working families to lock in their required care dates as soon as possible. Vacation Care runs from Monday the 6th of July to Tuesday the 21st of July. For more information contact our team on 9540 4444 or email

Ease of Restrictions

The easing of restrictions and transition to phase 3 of the WA roadmap allowed our Centre to welcome back our external providers. Happy Feet Fitness is an award-winning program that draws on the fun of movement and dance, the creativity of music, and the joy of active play. Each week on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoon, Miss Mel delivers exciting interactive themed adventure which designed to encourage participation, expression, and social interaction. The Happy Feet team has been missed over the last few months while restrictions have been in place. It is so lovely to hear the laughter and singing coming from the children as they join in with Miss Mel for their happy feet session.

In Term 3, we are also excited to return to our Gymnastic program!! There are so many benefits to our children. It stimulates cognitive growth, develops strong and healthy bones, increased coordination, and encourages proprioceptive awareness, instills an understanding of the discipline, and increases social awareness. The list could go on and on. Melissa Ellis and her team at the College are wonderful advocates for healthy, happy children, and we can’t wait to continue with this fantastic program.

We will also welcome back our playgroup families to our Centre. Our playgroup plays an essential role in providing a place where families can meet new people, establish relationships, and spend time in an educational environment together. 

Environmental Changes

Over the past few months, we have taken the time to draw on the principals of our pedagogy and philosophy to foster our educators’ focus on quality care. Our Piazza, which is the heart of our Centre, was originally being used as an eating area. However, the Piazza in Italy represents the City Square, where the community comes together to exchange conversation. Our Educators view social interactions as essential to the learning process. Through shared activities, communication, cooperation, and even conflicts, this space offers children the opportunity to co-construct their knowledge of the world. Knowing this and after much deliberation, the Centre now operates with two intentionally age-appropriate functioning areas. The back of the Centre accommodates over 3 years old, and the front half of the Centre accommodates our Babies, all under the age of 3. Now using the Piazza in its right form, the room doors remain open, allowing our children under 3 the freedom of choice to move between spaces at their leisure. The layout of physical spaces fosters encounters, communication, and relationships. It gives our children the potential to be curious and to have an active role in their own process of learning. Educators are following their lead and observing their interactions to assist in getting to know the children, see the relationship dynamics, and to ensure we are contributing to an engaging program.

Special Mentions

We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. It was only in November that we said goodbye to Mrs Natalie Ralph and Ms Hannah Rose as they embarked on their maternity leave and now they are back. We are so happy for Natalie’s return and welcome both her children Travis and Lucas who are attending the Centre. Natalie is our Early Childhood Teacher for our Kindy program. It is also wonderful to have Hannah Rose return to work, Hannah started in our Centre through the student mentor program many years ago, and now she has started a family of her own. Welcome back, ladies!! A big congratulations to Mrs Sharlene Striepe on becoming a Granny!! Welcoming her first grandchild Mathilda Jade who was born on the 1st of June 2020.

We want to say thank you to all of our parents, guardians, families, community members, and staff that have journeyed with us over the last three months. COVID-19 has certainly shaken our community’s sense of normalcy, but amidst the uncertainty, our Centre is extremely grateful for the support and understanding we received from everyone. Thank you to our committed staff members who worked with us during this time.

We are looking forward to the remainder of 2020 and continuing our educational journey with you all.