On Wednesday, 17TH June 2020, several primary school students participated in the Talented Young Writers Programme. The Talented Young Writers Programme is designed for budding writers to have an opportunity to learn from a real life local published author. This year, the year 6 programme was fortunate to have Australian Author Deb Fitzpatrick present to the students. However, this year instead of presenting at the Literature Centre in Fremantle, the students engaged with Deb Fitzpatrick through a series of 6 pre-recorded videos. Dispersed throughout the videos were some writing activities that helped build upon the techniques and tips that the students were taught in the videos. The sessions were facilitated by South Coast teachers, Mrs Julie Bottomley, and Mr Oliver Oeij. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and the students really appreciated the advice they received on how to generate creative ideas for stories, complex characters, and descriptive settings. They also learned the importance of the editing and refining process of writing. Here is what two students had to say on their experience:

“I learned the skills of writing and how to edit. It changed my opinion on writing. I used to be one of the people who utterly hated writing but now after this session I truly like writing. Editing was another story. I always ‘rolled my eyes’ the second anyone said the word editing I would run. Now editing isn’t as bad as before.”

Arun Rajayogan

“I enjoyed eating pizza and finding out the authors secrets when she writes.”

Anastasia Supljeglav