In Term 3, fourteen students in Year 6 participated in another full day of the Talented Young Writers Programme (TYWP). The TYWP is run by the Literature Centre in Fremantle and is designed to develop and inspire young writers using local published authors. Students heard from WA Author Meg McKinlay as she shared her insights on how to craft engaging stories. Throughout the sessions, students were given opportunities to practice the skills they were taught. One activity focused on improving a student’s descriptive writing skills by focusing on the different senses a person uses. The following is what one student produced in this activity:

“I took a deep breath and jumped.

In my fear, my eyes were slammed shut, while refusing to meet my fate that may end up as my doom. The breeze felt like icy daggers brushing past my face and body, followed by my chest soon tightening up. All of my senses seemed to have departed me, as sight nor smell were on my side. All I could hear was the wind whirling around me like a saddened ghost, and my own petrified screams. As I hit the water, it felt as though my body had been jolted awake. The icy grip of the water pulled me in, and the water soon closed over my head.

I took a deep breath and jumped.”

Addison Moss, Year 6, South Coast Baptist College