Dear College Family,

The following information is being provided to keep you informed of the intended upcoming works being undertaken by the City of Rockingham along Gnangara Drive.  The City of Rockingham is planning to undertake the works in the 2020/21 financial year and has been designed in consideration of public safety, Austroads, and MRWA guidelines along with existing public and private infrastructure.

A number of roadworks will occur along Gnangara Drive.  These works will be close to the intersection of Gnangara Drive and Read Street in front of the Waikiki shopping centre, at the front of South Coast Baptist College, and at the intersection of Santa Monica Drive.

The road works, in relation to South Coast Baptist College, include a median island and a roundabout.  The median island is proposed at the intersection of Gnangara Drive and Colville Street which will prevent right-hand movements into and out of Colville Street.  Their aim is to improve the efficiency of the intersection during peak traffic and provide improved pedestrian crossing facilities for the College.  The proposed roundabout will be at the intersection of Gnangara Drive and Oakwood Crescent. 

The only way for cars to enter the main car park of the College will be those that are traveling in a westerly direction.  The median island will prevent cars from heading in an easterly direction along Gnangara Drive from turning right to enter the main car park of the College.  Cars traveling in an easterly direction and wishing to enter the main car park of the College will need to drive up to the roundabout and then drive back to the main College entrance.

The aim of these treatments from the City of Rockingham’s perspective is to improve the visibility of approaching intersections, improve turning flows, and provide cyclist and pedestrian refuges for users crossing the road.  Detailed plans of each proposed treatment are available on the projects page on the City’s website at

The College does not know exactly when these works will be undertaken, however, we will endeavour to keep you abreast of any relevant information when it comes to hand.

Thank you for your understanding and support!