Atelier Fun

Ateliers are environments promoting knowledge and creativity, suggesting questions and generating evocations; they are the beauty that produces knowledge and vice-versa, the places where “the hundred languages” are enacted. From the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia where they were born and continue to be an integral part of the overall educational project, Ateliers have expanded out to also include the age of adults.

So much learning has been achieved through the use of our Atelier and the programming that is driven by our Atelierista Mr Corey Marwick. Let’s take a look at the fantastic creative learning that has been achieved by our Children.

Let’s take a look at a few of the very many experiences the children have had in the most loved space in our Centre. See photos below.

Through the lens of a Child

Digital technology provides another medium for our children to express themselves. The use of drawing pads, cameras, and computers are common for the development of our children’s creativity. In the studio, our children engage in photography and are fascinated by the images that they take. Successful integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) is consistent with the constructivist approach to learning, a learner-based approach, as well as on sharing, relevancy, creativity, and continuity. As an Educator, it is fascinating to see how much confidence and a sense of empowerment the children gain by being entrusted with the use of an expensive camera, as it is perceived as being a working tool for adults. However, we see our children as capable and even though the cameras are sophisticated and expensive they have suffered no damage at all. Instead, our children experiment, acquire confidence, and obtain operating instructions from each other which has proven to be sweepingly correct. They have become guides, props, and figures for one another and operate the function at their own initiative.

Mila the Prolific Painter

This morning on her Atelier visit Mila’s flair for painting was uncovered. Mila is in our 2 – 3-year-old room and from the moment she came into the moment she left (45 minutes) her world was full of colour and creation. Two extremely creative and technically different paintings were formed influenced by pure delight. Engaging with Mr Marwick, Mila named the colours she was using, mixing them to create different colours and using different techniques to create shapes, lines and silhouettes. Her engagement was inexhaustible and two beautiful pieces were produced.

Children’s Week

Children’s week is a special opportunity to recognize and celebrate these important citizens in our society. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child points to each child’s right to play as an integral part of their education. The notion fully supports the Centre’s pedagogy and philosophy and whilst we always provide programming in line with the rights of a child, the week reminds us of our responsibility to advocate for children as citizens and their right to a positive childhood. Our Centre held a picnic where families were encouraged to come and spend time in the wild space with their children on Wednesday the 28th of October. Tania Williams and Corey Marwick created an outdoor atelier and showcase the artwork that multiple children had created in the studio. Families bought their own picnics and a share plate to contribute and the center provided a sausage sizzle and cupcakes for the children. There was a wonderful sense of community as well as the observation of parents spending unhurried time with the children in a safe and engaging fashion.

Up and Coming Celebrations

Whole Centre Christmas Party will be held on Friday, 11th December from 9.30 am to 12 pm. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the year it has been with our families. We’ll have a bouncy castle, face painting, nativity scene and carols presentation by the children, book gift-giving, and party food for all to enjoy. All the rooms have been busily preparing for the end of year festivities and the children have been enjoying making and playing with their props.

Accelerating Autism Knowledge and Capacity for Educators

The Centre has nominated to participate in the fully-funded program called Autism Early Childhood Champion Program. Three nominated staff members will become the center’s champions. The champions will have access to intensive training and support from a specialist team, enabling the removal of barriers to inclusion and create positive outcomes for children with Autism. The training and support package is tailored and provides individualised support. Tania Williams has had the initial consultation with Leanne Crawford from Autism Western Australia, which was a positive and exciting conversation. Our Centre had been recommended for this program by our Inclusion Support Professional Sarah Jarvis, and the likeliness of being accepted is high. We expect to know the outcome of our acceptance by the beginning of December.