Hi, my name is Nicola Campbell and I am the Defence School Mentor at South Coast Baptist College.  I am very passionate about helping youth with their mental health. I’m so passionate, I have signed up to swim 20km’s over the month of March to raise money for youth around Australia.

1 in 4 young people in Australia is currently experiencing a mental health difficulty. But the bigger problem is 70% of those who need help don’t get it, and unfortunately suicide remains the leading cause of death of young people.  This makes me feel sad and I would like to do my part to change it.

Can I invite you to support me in a personal challenge and more importantly, join me in in donating to Reach Out so they can continue to help young Australians each day? You can donate to Laps for Life or my fundraiser page can be accessed directly through the web page

If you need any support right now visit the website for advice and resources Lastly if you see me around school looking a little exhausted feel free to encourage me to keep going!!