South Coast Soccer Club (PJSA)

Peel Junior Soccer Association (PJSA) Saturday Soccer League promotes inclusiveness, where everyone, male or female gets a fair go, regardless of their ability. The season runs for 16 weeks, commencing at the end of April  2020.

Training: Each team has a 30-90 minute training session during the week on the SCBC oval after school, depending upon age group.

Games: Matches are played on Friday evenings (Senior High/Matildas) or Saturday mornings (everyone else) at one of three different venues, these being Singleton, Mandurah, or South Yunderup. No games are scheduled or played during the school holidays.

Registration: Dates to be confirmed. 

Age: Pre-Primary + Primary (Year 1-6) + Secondary (Year 7-12)

Cost (Membership & Club Fee): $150 – $200 depending on the age group. Kidsport vouchers accepted.


Please Note: South Coast Soccer Club (PJSA) is separate from the South Coast Baptist College Football Academy and we would encourage Academy players to talk to Stephen Posthuma or Matt Brook before joining South Coast Soccer Club (PJSA).