Before & After School Bus Services

The College provides a service for students to catch our contracted buses to/from school.  To utilise this service, students are required to be registered on our electronic system RollCall.  This system allows parents to track when their child/ren catch the bus and where the bus is located on the interactive map. 

Please see the College’s website for detailed information regarding the before and after school bus service by clicking here.

Friendly Reminder for Students

  1. All students must be at the designated stop 10 minutes before the allocated time.
  • Students must have their Student Card ready in their hand.
  • All students must indicate to the bus to stop by flagging the bus.
  • When the student boards the bus, they must tap their Student Card against the machine.  In the afternoon, they must tap off using their Student Card when they exit the bus. In the morning they will be logged off in bulk by the driver.

Bus Route Requests for 2022

Thank you to the families who have put forward their bus route change requests. 

To assist with planning, we ask that all requests are completed using our on-line form available on our website.  Please click here.

Requests will be open until the end of Term 3, 2021.

The routes will then be reviewed in Term 4.  We will be in touch with families via the newsletter and our website will be updated.

If you have any queries, please review our website as we have available timetables, online tutorials & PDFs on how to use RollCall, prices for 2021, etc.