Digital Times is an annual magazine showcasing some of the creative work from Year 10 South Coast Baptist College students.

The year 10 Screen & Media class pitched story ideas which ranged widely from the dangers of drugs to the benefits of thrifting.  Once each pitch was approved the students wrote their articles and then brainstormed photography ideas to match their article.  They utilised DSLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop to achieve some stunning results.  Evie Garnham acted as the magazine’s Chief Editor.

Copies of the magazine can be found in the school library.

Our Year 9 Screen & Media students were given a taste of the publishing industry at the end of last year, as they designed and created their own book covers for the famous Shakespeare tragedy Othello.

The Screen & Media photography project engaged student’s creativity as they analysed the text and considered how to translate the story’s themes in to a cover design. Two of the best designs were selected and sent to print. These proudly SCBC-produced set of books will be provided to future students when they study Othello in English.