The Year 11s and 12s celebrated the annual college ball on Saturday, 27th March in the very picturesque location of Frasers at Kings Park. The students and their partners were dressed impeccably to celebrate the occasion.

Our students and staff had a very enjoyable evening together sharing a sit down formal three course dinner and ending the night with some very energetic dance floor displays. We extend our gratitude to Mr Mikael Leo (Year 12 Head of Year) for his organisation of the evening, Mr John Scott for his MC skills on the night, and all staff who attended.

Students who attended this beautiful evening, have access to the online photography portal ( to download their formal photos free of charge. For our Year 12s, we continue to wish them all the very best for their final year at the college, to excel in their courses of study, and to enjoy these important milestones that Year 12 affords them.