Our College participated in the Junior Council for several years, and this year is the first time that one of our students, Grace Trimble, was selected as the Mayor of the Junior Council. The Junior Council is a group of Year 6 Primary School students that meet once a month at the Rockingham Council Chambers to discuss, debate, and vote on matters in the Rockingham Community.

Grace has a passion for the Penguins on Penguin Island and below you can read an extraction from her speech to Council.

“Hello everyone, I’m Grace Trimble, and I would like you to vote for me as Junior Mayor. I have grown up in Rockingham since I was 4, and my parents too. I love growing up here, but I have noticed some things, that a few of you might have too. My first statement is that the penguins on Penguin Island in Shoalwater are dying quickly, caused by us. What might be causing this? Well of course, boats. The boats are chopping penguins up with their boat propellers when the penguins swim. This is causing many penguins to die, and the population has gone from about one thousand to four hundred. If I get picked for Junior Mayor, I will share some of my ideas for fixing this situation and work together to help these vulnerable animals.”

We wish Grace all the best in her endeavor’s to create awareness for the causes she is passionate about and for bringing about change.

Well done on this wonderful achievement and for showcasing our College mission of rigorous minds and compassionate hearts in such a tangible way.