Our Year 3 students had a wonderful time on their recent excursion to SciTech. The trip included The Perfect Firestorm show, The Planetarium and free time to explore the exhibits.

The Perfect Firestorm show explored how weather can affect the way a fire behaves, how they build and why fires get out of control.  There was also an investigation on how hot, dry and windy conditions can create the perfect firestorm, using science demonstrations to illustrate how each variable makes a difference. 

We had the opportunity to relax in reclined chairs in the Planetarium and were taken on a journey into space.  The students were fascinated by the different planets in our solar system and how many galaxies are out there.

Some highlights from the day:

I liked the Fire Storm as we got to see real electric thunder. Bella T

I liked the planetarium and the games room.  Claudia A

I enjoyed the free time and the Firestorm show. Lydia B

The spinning tomb that you walked through, it was hard to walk in a straight line. Dylan R

I liked the bus trip up to SciTech and windpipes. Liam G

When I was at SciTech, my favourite thing was the planetarium because you discovered and learned fun facts about our planet. Khanyile K

I liked the planetarium as it showed how big the planets are. Jet T

The bus driver was nice and peaceful and the planetarium. Arthur P

Thanks so much to the wonderful parent helpers for their support on the day.