Our Primary College students have been involved in creating a sculpture from recycled materials for the Castaways Sculpture Awards which was held at the Rockingham Foreshore between 23rd October to 31st October.  This was our entry made by Year 3 and Year 4 students of the Primary Art Club:

“A kookaburra in a Moodjar Tree” by South Coast Baptist College

(The Moodjar Tree is also known as the West Australian Christmas Tree.)

The Aboriginal legend about the Kookaburra: A good spirit who lived in the sky decided to send out the Morning Star to tell those on earth that the sun was coming up soon. But those who slept did not see it, so the spirits asked the Kookaburra (Goo-goor-gaga) to make a noise to announce the arrival of the Morning Star.

In the Bible Jesus refers to Himself as the Morning Star, (Revelation 22:16-I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”) Just as the kookaburra prepares people to see the Morning Star, Christians prepare Christmas trees in anticipation of the birth of Jesus – known as the Morning Star.

Our sculpture represents connection to the past through materials of the present.