What’s amazing about you?

In the beginning of the year we started with a project in both the Kindy 2 and Kindy 3 classes.

Kindy 2 – all about you and Kindy 3 – all about me was our initial theme, but this quickly morphed into ‘what’s amazing about you’. Which led to what’s amazing about moms and dads and later led to us writing letters to different people in our community and abroad.

How the project unfolded:

We had a look at everything God created in the first 7 days and how He also chose to created us uniquely.

We looked in the mirror and spoke about what we find amazing about ourselves. We put all our findings up for everyone to see.

As we explored our display, different questions and comment came up. One being – My mom is amazing because she takes care of me and always smiles. Each child wanted to then say what they thought was amazing about their family members – This led to our exploration of how will we find out what’s amazing about everyone else.

After much discussion we decided to write a letter to different people and ask them to answer the simply question – What’s amazing about you?

We sent letters off to Doctors, Nurses, family members, friends, local Police officers as well as Police officers in Texas.

The excitement was palpable every time we got a new letter to open. We could wait to see who had written back. We received such wonderful responses. Rockingham Police Department sent a brilliant letter with sticker badges for each child. Texas University Police Department sent pencils, stickers and a very informative letter.

In Term 4 we had a postie incursion where a local post office sent some Posties to our school. We got to explore their new motorbikes called Evie, a big red Post van and even posted off a Christmas surprise to our families.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about themselves, other people and receiving mail from around the world.