The MS Readathon competition ran for the month of August. Our students were challenged to read as many books as they could whilst being sponsored by friends and family members to raise money for MS.

Our Kindy to Year 2 teams raised an exceptional  $14,633 and read thousands of books which we are so proud off.

Each student who participate in this initiative was presented with a certificate, and medals were awarded to students who raised the most funds or read the most books in their Year level.

MS Readathon Winners

Overall Class Winner

1C – Raised $3,126


Highest raised  – Scarlett Haas Jolley ($304.72)

Most books read – Max Finch – 102 books

Pre Primary

Highest raised – Audrey Tew ($456.72)

Most books read – Audrey Tew – 81 books

Year 1

Highest raised – Dainton Williams & Kirsten Ruiz 1C – ($1,290.72)

Most books read – Maddison Lucas 1A – 92 books

Year 2

Highest raised – Chase Calderbank ($770.80)

Most books read – Olivia Beaucourt Barros 2A-  248 books 8 books a day

We want to thank everyone who participated in this wonderful initiative. Our students are truly living out our mission of rigorous minds and compassionate hearts.