Dear SCBC Community,

2021 has seen another year of growth for the College, with many new families joining our community.  The increase in demand has led to an increased investment in the College, providing further opportunities for our students.  Part of good stewardship of this new season of growth is ensuring our plan for the future is grounded in sustainability.

At the start of 2020 we were able to achieve an overall decrease in fees of 11.3%, with 2021 seeing a very modest overall increase of 0.7%.  With the latest June 2021 annual CPI figures showing an inflation growth of 3.8% for Australia, we are now experiencing cost increases in the delivery of our services.  In reflecting our commitment to affordable independent school education, there will be an overall increase of 2.5% in tuition fees applicable to 2022 which helps us keep in step with the current economy.  Payment of fees enables your child/ren to experience optimal support.  Together, we can give your child/ren an excellent educational experience.  The below table outlines our tuition fees for 2022:

Kindergarten                 $1,880

Pre-Primary                   $2,990

Year 1                            $3,320

Year 2                            $3,630

Year 3                            $4,050

Year 4                            $4,090

Year 5                            $4,290

Year 6                            $4,290

Year 7                            $4,690

Year 8                            $5,150

Year 9                            $5,690

Year 10                          $6,150

Year 11                          $6,150

Year 12                          $6,150

As a means of streamlining fee payments and ensuring that fees are paid when due, the College requests that all payments are made via our Direct Debit Payment System.  This is a fee free facility allowing families to make regular instalments.  By completing our Direct Debit form, you have the peace of mind that fees will be finalised each year and helps when budgeting payments to suit your cashflow needs.

If at any stage you experience difficulties with payment, we encourage you to make early contact with our Accounts Receivable Officer, Shelley Roberts.  We understand life doesn’t always follow a neat plan.  Together we can provide optimal support for all students in our College community.

Your sincerely,

Des Mitchell