Our Vacation Care program was an enriching and exciting experience for both the students and educators. Before the Christmas break, the children got to experience the joy of decorating the classroom, baking amazing Christmas treats and making presents for their loved ones.  Going into the New Year, we enjoyed a mix of stimulating physical activities and excursions such as our visit to the Boola Bardip Museum to learn all about the history of Western Australia. We look forward to our next program in the April School Holidays.

This year we have decided as a room to be a sponsor through Compassion a young 5-year-old girl from Uganda called “Juliet”. The children have spent the last month drawing pictures and writing her letters. We have included a letter that we received from her. The children have been reading it repeatedly, some getting excited as her favourite school subject is the same as theirs.  

Our students are learning about S.T.E.A.M and how it is integrated into our daily lives from robotic Lego, magnetic shape engineering, photography (where the children capture what they see around the room and is displaced on our “what we see” wall) and daily reading with new books that are integrated into our book corner each month to help students who want to get into the millionaires club at school.