Hi Everyone, my name is Alistair Cochrane, the Head of Year 11.  I could not be prouder of the way in which our Year 11s have started 2022. In so many ways, the transition into Year 11 is a significant step towards young adulthood, as I am sure your child has noticed. It probably seems like, almost overnight, they are treated more like adults, and have so much more autonomy in the context of school. Our Year 11s have taken to this responsibility in a way that should be commended.

As we finish the first of Term 1, there will be several students who are wondering whether ATAR was the right choice – and some of us probably wondering if staying at school was, too! In both cases, our Year 11s have the opportunity to develop resilience as they really take on the mantle of responsibility for their futures, whether that be towards University, TAFE, an apprenticeship or full-time work. The skills we learn to handle stress and pressure this year, will be used for the rest of our lives. We are so glad that we are able to journey with them for their remaining time at South Coast Baptist College.

Form time so far has seen us develop relationships with each other, and with our form teachers. We have had two GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) lessons so far this term, both of which centered around resilience. We are lucky in Year 11 and 12 to be able to do GEM a bit more regularly than other year groups, as the lessons fit into a normal Form class. The general life skills learned in these classes will pay dividends in our young people’s futures, far beyond school. In addition, we have also had the chance to get started on the Senior Secondary BCS (Bible and Christian Studies) curriculum, which focusses on world views and world religions.

A bible verse that I have been praying over the Year 11 cohort so far this year is Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

The feeling for me for the start of the year has been a beautiful combination of resilience, empathy and belonging – hopefully, the Year 11s have felt that, too.  There is no better way to cap off such a great start to the year than with our Year 11/12 Ball at Fraser’s, in King’s Park. With all our forms submitted and partner requests being processed, I have heard much chatter about dresses, limos, and excitement for what will be a brilliant event. We can’t wait to eat, dance and (socially distanced) party on Saturday, 2nd April!