What an amazing start our Year 7s have made to their first year of High School. As we have watched them, helped them, and mingled with them; I have seen this Bible verse in action:

‘I have chosen to be faithful; I have determined to live by your regulations.’ (Psalm 119:30 NLT,

The goal for our Year 7s is always that they will have a successful transition into High School. This looks different for each student and will be mastered at different levels and in different time spans by each of them. In our Year Sevens this value of determination is strongly evident. They have been determined to get to class on time, determined to have their books ready, determined to try out their new classes, determined to be responsible, determined to do the right thing, determined to be a High School student.  Well done to the Year 7s on such a successful start and we encourage you to continue in your determination as this will lead to ultimate success.

After our Amazing Year 7 Launch Day, in which our Secondary Prefects did an awesome job in running the Amazing Race activity and looking after our Year 7s, we had our Swimming Carnival. Again, the Year 7’s determination shone through. They got behind the House Spirit of the day, involving themselves in as many races and events that they could and in the process, demonstrated fantastic teamwork.  I was impressed by their exuberance and outgoing positivity and of course, their House spirit.  I encourage the 7s to continue this positivity into all of their extra-curricular activities.

Sierra Beard is one of our Year 7 students who is determined to be a proficient Student Councillor. When I asked her for a reflection of the beginning of Year 7, she answered with the following:

When I first came here, I found everybody so welcoming. They asked me if I was enjoying it here. I love my Year 7 form teacher and my Year 7 class. I love doing the birthdays for my form and leading them in games. Seeing them smile makes me happy.

It was great to see the teachers put everything together for the Year 7 Launch Day & the Swimming Carnival so that everybody could do different activities, get to know each other and the school.”

We look forward to our Year 7’s continuing in their determination to become the best High School students they can be.  The journey will be long and sometimes tough however, a positive attitude and determination will put them in good stead.

Please note that the new date for our Year 7 camp will be on Tuesday, 6th September 2022, to Friday, 9th September 2022.

Mr Rainer Winkler

Head of Year 7